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Businesses located in Hemet CA need customer reviews as much as any other service company.

With numerous customers reading online reviews these days, it just seems to reason that getting and keeping a good base of online reviews ought to be a matter of policy for any business.

In the past, getting reviews was a daunting chore and was a bigger pain than it was worth.

That was until recently, when review getting software like TapEasyReviews hit the market.

Simply put, Tap Easy Reviews is an easy to use review getting software that helps you get business reviews.

Let's face it, you're an intelligent business person and you are probably aware that your business really needs more positive reviews or you wouldn't be reading this.

In fact, your company needs quality 5 star reviews coming in on an ongoing basis.

Did you know that the very best and simplest method to get five star reviews is by just asking your happy clients to submit one for you?

So why aren't you getting them?

Does it feel like a major pain in the butt to make it happen?

Hemet CA Businesses Need To Be Asking For Positive Reviews

We learned this lesson the hard way!

We worked our tails off for our customers.

Many were satisified with our work, however at the end of the day, they weren't leaving us reviews.

Sounds familiar, don't you agree?

The crazy thing is, a dissatisfied client would make the effort to leave us a crappy review, however our pleased customers actually never made the effort to leave us a review.

We needed to change that!

We were attempting to run our business. We did not have time for complex procedures, and the truth is, neither do you.

  • We needed an easy tool to get reviews.

  • It needed to be quick and simple.

  • It needed to work on our cell phones.

  • It needed to be a no brainer for our clients to use.

We Built A Review Getting Software System That Any Company Can Use!

As business owners, we know that you do not have time for complex procedures either.

We have actually created a review getting software that is very easy to operate.

Because it's mobile, it goes where you go, in the office, out on jobs, delivering product or visiting with a client, and it makes getting reviews fast and easy.

It's so easy a kid can do it, and we are not kidding!

Simply open the webapp on your phone, tablet or computer, enter your clients name, telephone number or email address and click send.

The software application will take it from there.

So Here's Our Offer!

We don't want to waste your time with flashy pictures, obnoxious videos or cheesy sales pitches. (Scroll down to see images and statistics if you think you need to.)

However rather, we are going to let you try it for yourself For FREE!

It is a much better way for you to get to know it. The proof is in the pudding.

If you like the service, super, just upgrade to a full account in the control panel. Otherwise, there is no obligation, you can part ways with no hard feelings.

Just $47.00/Monthly

  • Send up to 500 review invites every month. That is probably more than you'll use, however we wanted to over deliver and make sure you had plenty.

  • Add unlimited users, unlike other services that charge for each user.

  • Got 5 or 6 locations? Not a problem, use it for as many locations as needed as long as they are the same company.

Anyway, we're going to let you Try It For FREE simply to show that it's right for you!

There is no commitment and there is no need to get your charge card out!

Click the button shown below and Start The Free Trial

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Just 44 Percent Of Local Businesses Have Actually Accepted Their Google My Business Listing

That's 56% of your competitors that aren't making the most of their listing.

While business listings on the significant review platforms are totally free, a remarkably low number of businesses in fact utilize them.

Although we now know why consumer reviews are so effective, the majority of businesses apparently do not.

Source: LsaInsider

83% Of All Younger Buyers Were Asked To Give A Review Recently

Of those invited, 80% of clients did submit a review. In general, companies have actually asked 66% of all clients to post a review on their business.

Source: Brightlocal

Clients Could Spend 31 Percent More With A Business That Has Fantastic Reviews

Take note of this fact. The better other users describe your service or product, the more money you can charge and consumer review stats reveal to us precisely just how much more.

Source: Martech Zone

73% Of Consumers Think Customer Reviews Are More Vital Than Star And Number Rankings

Online review statistics make it clear individuals aren't satisfied with scores alone.

Consumer reviews make the stats appear more genuine which is what the potential consumers are trying to find. Nearly a 3rd of consumers say written reviews are the only function that makes them think the sites' reviews are helpful and appropriate.

Source: Fan and Fuel

83% Of Consumers Don't Rely On Advertising

The conventional channels to reach consumers aren't as influential as they utilized to be. The majority of users who no longer trust ads pick to take note of customers' suggestions online.

Source: Statuslabs

Most Best-selling Products Have A Typical Ranking Of 4.2 To 4.7

You can't make everyone pleased, which is why perfect 5 star scores are suspicious. Someone always has a little a gripe. That's why it is unnatural to get perfect 5 star scores. Sometimes a lower score actually helps your overall score.

According to client rating stats, conversion rates begin to reduce as rankings rise above 4.7.

Source: Spiegel Research Center

88% Of Executives Consider Reputation Risk As A Leading Business Issue

Reputation management stats indicate a company's reputation does not impact just the clients. Prospective employees also take a look at ratings and read reviews.

Source: Deloitte

15 Percent Of Consumers Don't Trust Businesses Without Online Reviews

No trust indicates no interactions. 15% of prospective consumers will not even consider doing business with a company they can't discover opinions about.

Source: Statuslabs

Majority Of Consumers Will Not Utilize A Service If It Has Less Than A 4 Star Score

This stat is among lots of that illustrate the value of online rankings. Now that news of consumer satisfaction travels this fast, keeping your consumers happy is more important than ever.

57 percent of customers have looked for business with more than four stars in 2018, which is up from 48 percent in 2017.

11 percent looked just for services with a best five star ranking.

Source: Brightlocal

Since They Desire To Buy A Service Or An Item And Desire To Get The Truth About The Businesses Products And Services, 82% Of Consumers Go To Review Websites.

Review websites are locations that people go to get the facts about a service, business or item . Since they have actually currently formed a buying decision, users come. The bulk of them (89%) buy within a week of their visit. And 29% do so in 24 hours.

Source: RevLocal

72 Percent Of Clients Will Not Take Action Unless They Check Out Some Reviews

Regardless of how eye-catching your marketing is, you still require client reviews. There's no skirting around it. Clients are still ready to hear you out, but they trust other individuals more.

Source: My Testimonial Engine

53% Of Customers Expect Businesses To Reply Within A Week To Unfavorable Reviews

Online review statistics show that 63% of consumer reviews remain without a response. That's regrettable, because those companies are losing consumers that way.

Source: Review Trackers

49% Of Consumers Consider The Quantity Of Online Reviews As An Important Consideration Of Their Purchasing Decision

Consumers value not only the quality or nature of the reviews, but they consider their quantity and recency also.

The share of customers, who focus on the variety of reviews is currently at 46%.

Source: Brightlocal

American Consumers Regard "Product Performance" To Be The Most Useful Information In Product Reviews

When people read reviews, they focus on various elements of the shopping experience. However according to online review stats, 60% of them are most thinking about the item's performance.

Customer satisfaction, product quality and quality in time are the next couple of factors to consider for more than 50% of American clients.

Source: Statista

90 Percent Of Clients Require Less Than 10 Reviews To Form An Opinion About A Business

You know what individuals say about first impressions, right?

Users get their impression of your businesses through reviews. Normally through less than 10 of them.

Think about asking your visitors to compose one if you don't have reviews on your site.

Source: Martech Zone

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